1st March 2024
Category News

(Artist rendering of Koala Hospital Expansion)

Responding to an increase in demand for the care and rehabilitation of wild koalas, the Port Stephens Koala Hospital is undergoing a significant $2M upgrade and expansion to its existing facilities in 2024.

The expansion is driven by a commitment to address the evolving challenges faced by the local wild koala population and will also provide new extended care opportunities to a diverse range of other native Australian wildlife.

The new expansion will include, a world class cutting-edge research laboratory, aimed at conducting innovative research around koala reproductive technology, koala retrovirus testing and koala gut microbiome analysis.

Another planned addition to the hospital's expansion will be an onsite CT Scanning machine. Beyond its immediate impact on diagnostic outcomes for injured wildlife, the CT Scanner will play a significant role in advancing research contributing valuable insights to the broader scientific community.

The vision of the Port Stephens Koala Hospital extends beyond treatment, as they aim to enhance their understanding and contribution towards advancements in koala health, breeding and genetics.

(Artist rendering of Koala Hospital new enhanced public viewing window)

The $2M upgrades of Port Stephens Koala Hospital will be complete in late 2024/ early 2025 that will also include a new enhanced public viewing window allowing the opportunity to witness veterinary staff carry out examinations and administer treatment* to wild koala inpatients. Please note, access inside the hospital is not possible. *Subject to clinic timings.

Important Note: Access to the current viewing window will be unavailable in 2024 due to construction.