School Holiday - Koala Informational Talks

Port Stephens Koala Hospital will be once again running a series of FREE Koala Informational Talks during the Autumn School Holidays. See below for dates and times:

Koala talks


Create memorable experiences

Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary has partnered with Port Stephens Koalas to provide a unique opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Offering first class care to sick, injured and orphaned koalas to support their long term rehabilitation and preservation.

Current koala happenings

You may see some of our koalas receiving veterinary treatment, through the window in our clinic, Clinic treatment times are varied and as such can not be guaranteed to be happening during a visit.

Information for Members of the Public

You can help PSKH out by recording if you see a koala in the wild click here and fill out as much information as possible. This time of year, we do tend to see koalas that are getting a little lost looking for a mate.  

If you see a koala on the ground not moving, please do not approach it. Call the hotline and monitor it from a distance and follow all instruction given to you by the phone operator.

Treatments currently happening at Port Stephens Koala Hospital

Solstice – receiving laser treatment on injured arm. Still in cast to rest and recover.

Veronica – receiving treatment for 'dry eye'. Vision has improved a lot since treatment began.

New Admissions

New admission in to the Koala Hospital include:

Georgie – He’s a small, one-year old joey with a big sense of adventure. He weaned early from his Mum and, in his exploration of the Brandy Hill area, ended up on a busy road. He was found disorientated in the middle of Clarence Town Road late at night and was thoughtfully brought into PSKH for a checkup. Georgie has been diagnosed with a mild case of ocular chlamydia and will receive treatment twice a day. So far the team are happy with how he’s responding to the medication and are optimistic he’ll make a full recovery.

We do have new koalas that are available for adoption. Some are in permanent care and others are in care until they recover from their injuries. All proceeds go towards the specialist care that is needed to return them back home to the wild.

Adopt a Koala Here


Paul – only with us for a couple of months while he recovered from a fractured femur. Paul was recently released in Swan Bay and he just couldn’t wait for the big day. He stubbornly decided he didn’t want to go up the tree chosen for him, instead he took his time wandering around before he found a tree he liked.

Koalas due for release over the coming weeks

Ronny – Nelson Bay

Taylor Beach Martha – Dungog

Some Fun Facts

Holes in the ground around the skywalk are due to echidnas looking for food (ants) and their activity will most likely increase in the coming months as we are approaching their breeding season.

There is a brush tailed possum living in the hollow in the tree on the right hand side, of the skywalk before you get to the koalas.

Our attractions

  • Koala Centre

    Visit our Koala Centre that houses our Visitor Admissions and Guest Reception where our friendly staff will be able to answer all of your questions and enquiries.

  • Sanctuary Story Walk

    The Sanctuary Story Walk is a 250 metre in length meandering pathway offering an immersive educational experience for all ages telling the story of koala and its habitat through artistic sculptural representations.

  • Koala Hospital

    The state-of-the-art Koala Hospital includes an intensive care unit, clinic and recovery pens, looking after sick and injured koalas from the Port Stephens area. UPDATE: In 2024 a $2M expansion of the Koala Hospital is planned. During that time the hospital viewing window will not be accessible due to construction restrictions but will reopen in late 2024 / early 2025.

  • Sanctuary SKYwalk

    The *Sanctuary SKYwalk and viewing platform is a 225 metre in length elevated pathway and viewing platform, offering a unique ‘tree top’ perspective into the koala’s natural habitat, a perfect photo opportunity and educational experience.

    *Sanctuary SKYwalk & viewing platform closes at 4pm.

  • Koala Centre Kiosk

    Retail kiosk offering a range of quality souvenirs and products as well as 'grab and go' snacks for purchase.

  • Informative guides

    All of our tours include a tailored educational tour from one of our local ambassadors on care, rehabilitation and what is needed for koalas to survive in the wild.